Thijs Biersteker | 25 May

Thijs Biersteker is chief creative officer of the Better Future Factory. He works on the edges of communication and innovation to create human-centred experiences, products, and services that provoke thoughts and smiles. As an artist he explores how science and technology can deliver accessible, empowering experiences that help us shift towards a better future.

Biersteker’s large-scale immersive art installations combine data, analogue elements, visuals, light and sound. In collaboration with talented friends and great companies, he tries to bridge the gaps between physical and digital, data and emotions, industry and nature.

Biersteker ranks in the Dutch Top 12 of most influential media people of 2017. His work won Cannes Lions awards for design and craft, numerous Webby’s and has been featured by Discovery Channel, Wired Magazine, New Scientist, Fast company, and the Guardian.