Hendrik-Jan Grievink | 24 May

Hendrik-Jan Grievink is researcher and designer at Next Nature Network. This international network stimulates debate around the impact of technology on the relation between people, nature and technology through multidisciplinary projects, publications and events. Among other projects, Grievink is designer of the award-winning ‘In Vitro Meat Cookbook’, that explores the future of lab grown meat through 45 speculative recipes.

Grievink also created the Pyramid of Technology, a conceptual model and design tool that visualizes how technology can become nature. Around that model, he organizes interactive workshops and currently leads the Reprodutopia project, a research into how emerging reproductive technologies (such as artificial wombs) will impact the way we make babies, experience intimacy and build relationships in next nature. The research will lead up to a mobile exhibition and publication in 2019.

See the workshop with Hendrik-Jan Grievink here