Femke van Gemert | 25 May

‘Every piece of textile I use has been designed, produced, worn or used otherwise. Each piece has a story, particular atmosphere and beauty and has been digested and discarded by society.’  Says Femke van Gemert, designer of unique, handmade and sustainable art objects from upcycled textiles, taking the form of wall panels, tapestries, installations and site-specific soft wall coverings. Femke is convinced we have to reconsider the waste we leave behind after the use of textile products. Her work catches the beauty of imperfection and decay. 

‘I’m not trying to improve the already existing fabrics I gather. I want to create something new from what is already there,’ she says. Combined in a new frame the used fabrics tell a new story, filling any room with a certain mood while on a functional level improving the acoustics.

Van Gemert studied at HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht and was commissioned by De Bijenkorf department store and O’Neill sportswear brand, among others.