David Kester

‘I believe designers have a huge amount to offer in understanding how human beings work, what their motivations are, and how we can nudge pro-social behaviour and boost the economy at the same time’, says David Kester, former head of the UK’s Design Council and WDCD’s regular moderator since 2014. 

As a design strategy consultant David Kester is non-executive chairman of Caulder Moore Design, co-founder of the Design Thinkers Academy and a council member of the Royal College of Art. He also headed the British Design and Art Direction (D&AD) for nine years, and is a council member of the Home Office Design and Technology Alliance Against Crime.

During his tenure at the Design Council he oversaw a host of programmes and policies for industry, education and the public sector. Tackling issues as diverse as preventative healthcare and community cohesion, he promoted design-led approaches that turn social challenges into economic opportunity.When he’s not leading and advising on complex innovation and design projects, Kester often acts as media commentator, speaker and social entrepreneur.