Danielle Arets | 24 May

As a design researcher, journalist and educator Danielle Arets aims to explore what a design approach can bring to policy making, social innovation and organisational challenges. She’s particularly interested in making better connections between academic research and design.

Her background and activities are a mixture of academic research, consulting in design innovation, and teaching.

Arets studied Culture and Media sciences in Maastricht, Madrid and Aarhus. She is one of the tutors (together with Mike Thompson and Isabelle Makay) of the design research course ‘Fridge loves thermostat’ and the minor Radical Ecologies at DAE. All three are very interested in the intersection between design, technology and narratives. How can we humanize the emerging technologies we surround ourselves with? The two believe designers shouldn’t design solutions but create alternatives.

See the workshop with Danielle Arets here