Daniel Freitag | 24 May

‘When we started, our company was not meant to become a brand or a business, though we have been able to deliver a different kind of luxury good. We started this company by chance as we needed a bike messenger bag, but we couldn’t get in Switzerland. So we just did it ourselves,’ said Daniel Freitag.

An idea conceived in 1993 by the brothers Markus and Daniel Freitag, graphic designers from Zürich, Switzerland, has grown into an international company with 200 employees selling iconic bags and accessories made from recycled truck tarpaulins. Today their products are available in more than 20 FREITAG stores, around 400 resellers around the world and in their Online Store there’s an extensive choice of over 5000 unique products. FREITAG has been headquartered at the Nœrd industrial complex in Zurich-Oerlikon since 2011. This is where 460  truck tarpaulins are taken apart, washed and cut up into unique Freitag bags every year.

Since 2014, Freitag also makes clothing from F-ABRIC, a self-developed biodegradable textile made from hemp and linen as well as modal, produced in Europe using minimal resources. The idea for the new material also came about when the Freitags could not immediately find what they were looking for, namely very durable work clothes for their employees. The workpants, now also available to the public, come without rivets or polyester threads and use customizable metal buttons that can be unscrewed and reused, to make them entirely compostable. F ABRIC thus more than lives up to the FREITAG philosophy: We think and act in cycles.

Sustainable production is a complex thing, Freitag admits, but nevertheless he says that ‘every business field should start to re-think its approach to become more sustainable.’