Hannah Lewman & Rachel Benner

Occupation: Student
Project: The Change Rangers
Country: United States
Website: www.hannahlewman.com & www.rachelbenner.com



We went for a hike during a smoky day caused by local wildfires. One of us commented that it’s weird how as kids, we all learn how to start fires, but we never learn how to deal with the consequences of them. We asked ourselves: “How do kids learn to prepare for any kind of disaster, especially now that fires and major weather events are becoming more frequent?” Curious about the issue, we did some research. We quickly realized how few young people are taught preparedness techniques, let alone up-to-date information about climate change. We became passionate about the idea of helping kids take charge of their own climate preparedness.


Undoubtedly our studies in advertising influenced how we apply design-thinking solutions to complex problems, and our backgrounds as scouts inspired our overall concept. But it was our secondary studies – Rachel’s second major in media studies and minor in women and gender studies and Hannah’s minors in Spanish and sociology – that influenced our strategy. These other disciplines have taught us to think about the cultural elements of climate change. Yes, this is an ecological issue, but it’s also a human one. Our other areas of study inspired us think about the people who are disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change. In our country, those people are often children, who have little agency in their own preparedness, and people in rural areas.


Our creative process is rooted in asking each other questions back and forth. Why doesn’t this exist? How does this work? Who does this impact most? Then, we try to find the answers. We figure that  if you ask questions other people aren’t asking, you’ll find solutions that other people haven’t come to before.



The Change Rangers are the Boy and Girl Scouts of the future. Instead of teaching basic camping skills, this programme gives young people the opportunity to prepare for a changing world and gain the knowledge needed to make their communities more resilient. 

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