25 May / 14:00 - 16:00 / WDCD

WDCD Academy Workshop

Design education for a sustainable future

Hosted by WDCD

Issues like a changing climate, exploitation or access to health care, all part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), require cross-sectoral collaboration. Only coordinated action can lead to full-fledged solutions that are broadly accepted in society.

Meanwhile, technology brings forth new applications, methodologies and connectivity. This challenges educational institutes in the fields of design and creativity to stay connected and keep their curriculum up-to-date. Only then their graduates will leave with enough knowledge and skills to fulfil actual needs of the labour market and be fully involved in helping to find solutions for the big and complex questions of our time.

In this interactive workshop Marco van Hout, Head of Programmes & Impact of The Digital Society School, will investigate together with representatives of leading design schools what knowledge, expertise and skills designers need to develop in order to be able to address the UN SDGs. Participating schools include HKU University of the Arts, Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa, TU Delft, and Design Academy Eindhoven. Together they will sketch tomorrow’s design education, aimed at delivering a new breed of game changers. New forms of cooperation will be discussed, with the ultimate question whether the Dutch creative landscape can excel in this field too.

In this workshop you’ll learn which skills and knowledge you need to develop as a student, professional, employer or commissioning partner in order to make a difference when addressing the UN SDGs. Meanwhile, you can collaborate in shaping the design education of the future.

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