25 May / 14:00 - 16:00 / AMP.Amsterdam

Virtual Reality for a better reality

How virtual reality could create a better reality

Hosted by AMP

Reality is often rough and unforgiving. We would prefer not to encounter the situations where things are bad. But sometimes we will and it may be better to be prepared. This session asks how we can use Virtual Reality (VR) to create empathy and make the world a better place. Virtual Reality has the power to put you in the shoes of others, and experience the distress you hope never to encounter in real life. This session will discuss several groundbreaking VR concepts and analyse what makes them so influential.

Amp. Amsterdam, a leading VR sound studio, Thijs Biersteker and Ahmed Shihab-Eldin discuss a series of different cases aimed at amplifying empathy with others among the users. You will get behind-the-scenes insights from the makers. After the show there will be three setups to get yourself into trouble or out of it.

Learn how VR can enhance humanity in real life. You will get an idea of how virtual reality can be an empathy machine, allowing audiences and product users to understand the actual consequences of their choices, including for example excessive consumption or social prejudice.

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