25 May / 14:00 - 16:00 / NorthernLight

Transformative Experience Design

Design and storytelling have the ability to make people care

Hosted by NorthernLight

One of the greatest challenges in creating a sustainable world is making people care. Even the most beautiful sustainable product, material, building or system will make no difference at all if people are not tempted to use it. NorthernLight creates ‘transformative experiences’ for brands, museums and public spaces that address the big societal challenges of our time. The goal of these interventions is to change the outlook, attitude and behaviour of the visitors. Understanding the visitor and the specific context is therefore key.

In this workshop, Jeff Hoekwater, senior designer at NorthernLight, will explore how interactive storytelling can facilitate the shift towards a more sustainable society. He will ask the participants to co-create a format that will actually make people care. Together you will create a memorable activation that tells an alluring story. Next, we will take it outside the workshop and test it on WDCD’s audience and people outside.

Designers should be storytellers! You’ll learn how design can influence education and society by telling a good story. And you’ll understand that designing for sustainability requires inspiring the future generation. Activating design should raise questions rather than give answers. Design is a form of activism.


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