24 May / 14:00-16:30 / Dutch Railways (NS)


On adding value to waste materials coming from train modernization 

Hosted by NS (Dutch Railways)

Dutch railways service NS facilitates about 1 million passengers each day. The company has sustainability in its DNA. All NS trains are powered by 100% sustainable energy. NS is trying to further reduce its CO2 footprint by reviewing production and maintenance of new trains. But before acquiring new trains, existing trains are modernized to extend their life cycle as long as possible. Following the renovation, a lot of high grade materials become available. 86% of these materials are reused in the modernized trains and 10% finds its way to a new live outside the train. For the remaining 4% (five train interior parts) we still have to find a new meaningful use.

In this workshop, researchers, designers, and entrepreneurs will come together to think of reuse possibilities for the remaining 4% of materials from old trains. Starting point is a catalogue of materials and samples to play with. Participants will be divided in multidisciplinary teams that will compete for the best reuse ideas. The concepts will be rated on maximum positive impact by creating tangible nett sustainable value, as well as viability.

The workshop will present the participants with inspiration on how to give the last remaining waste streams new value. Winning concepts will be considered for further development into working prototypes and trials. In addition, NS likes to get in contact with a creative community with different skills and expertise who can help us in the long run to get to a fully sustainable public transport system.


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