25 May / 14:00 -16:00 / Greenberry

Planet centric digital design

How technology can help solve major problems  

Hosted by Greenberry

Technology has brought us a lot. Both for better and for worse. In our times, with all the technical possibilities we have, it is more important than ever that we use technology that is really desired. That we design digital products that not only make our lives better and more beautiful, but also contribute to solving the major problems of our times in the fields of environment, health and human rights. User centric and planet centric design must go hand in hand in digital design.

In this session, Alain Dujardin, creative director at Greenberry, will discuss how the digital design trade developed from improving user experience to solving problems. Start-ups, digital designers and technologists will share their stories and discuss with the audience what digital design can do.

Participants will get a better idea of how user centric and planet centric design go together more and more in digital design. You will be presented with lots of examples of digital design projects that help solve the big problems of our time. What digital design can do to save the planet.

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