24 May / Innofest & Into the Great Wide Open

The New Change Makers

Festivals as catalysts for innovation, design and societal challenges

Hosted by Innofest

Festivals are booming. With over 23 million visitors a year at Dutch festivals alone, these gatherings are an important element in society. Although festivals are principally there for entertainment, they can also be catalysts for innovation. Innofest has been using festivals as testing grounds for different innovations. In the past two years, 61 prototypes of new products or services have been tested at different festival sites. Meanwhile, Into The Great Wide Open has been giving designers space to experiment for years already.

In this session, designer Floris Schoonderbeek (Weltevree) and Ferry Roseboom (Into The Great Wide Open) will elaborate on the water cocktail bar BRAK they developed with different partners. We also hear from Welcome to The Village director Sjoerd Bootsma and Le Guess Who? founder Johan Gijsen how they put social challenges at the centre of their festivals.

With a combination of panel discussions, talks and pitches you’ll learn how festivals boost innovation, design and societal solutions. Innovators, festival organisers and designers will share their perspectives on the future role of festivals in society. We’ll also get interactive and discuss how the audience can connect to festivals such as Le Guess Who?, Into The Great Wide Open and Welcome to The Village.

Prepare for a new perspective on festivals. Whether you are an artist, entrepreneur, designer or change maker, you’ll learn how festivals can serve as a testing ground and catalyst for your ideas.

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