24 May / 11:30 -13:00 / Design Academy Eindhoven

Constructive Digital Innovation


Disrupted by Design Academy Eindhoven

Connecting people, data, places and knowledge is the next big thing in our tech-driven society. But we are increasingly confronted with apparent revolutionary designs with unintended outcomes that — especially in the long term — can have disastrous effects. Services that are meant to simplify our lives, paralyze the urban infrastructure and undeniably affect employment. Design systems that solve a problem can easily create new ones.

We need digital products that not only contribute to our daily activities, but that also respect our privacy, our environment and the social, ethical consequences. How do we design for such connected products?

In this interactive session Danielle Arets, Mike Thompson (DAE), Bas Raijmakers (DAE), Alain Dujardin (Greenberry) and Sunny Dolat (The Nest Collective) will explore how we can innovate more constructively. Together with students, experts and designers we will co-design the rules of constructive innovation. Design Academy Eindhoven students will present future scenarios for interconnected products, services and systems, while also considering their possible consequences.

There is more to innovation than simply pushing the boundaries of technology. Designers need to be more aware of the possible consequences of digital design. Participants will learn how innovation and design in this field can take into account the consequences and become more constructive.

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