Gaspard Bos

Gaspard Bos has been active as an entrepreneur in the field of sustainable design and business since 2013 when he graduated from the technical university of Delft, Netherlands. He co-founded the bureau Better Future Factory and is an expert on recycling plastics into new products. Since 2015 he started a new venture called New State of Matter in which he has been focusing on improving both the lives of products and the lives of people through connectivity. His goal is to fundamentally change the relationship of people with products and therewith help society transition to one that’s more fair and circular. He has for example been to the island of Lesbos, Greece to help refugee camps innovate with the help of 3d-printers and to Peru to work with weavers in the slums of Lima, teaching them how to weave with plastic waste.

Gaspard teaches at both the Willem de Kooning Academy and Delft University of Technology his expertise: product design, sustainability and internet of things.

Gaspard Bos will serve as Session guest at WDCD2017.