Emiel Rijshouwer

Emiel Rijshouwer is both an industrial design engineer and a sociologist. After graduating from the Technical University in Delft he worked in interiors at Fabrique, as a trend researcher at Philips Design, and as a future explorer at Pantopicon in Antwerp. He tends to inspire and inform his designs, reports, and scenario’s by societal issues and concerns. In order to get better educated in that field he pursued a degree in sociology (cum laude). Currently he is employed as a social scientist at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, in the department of urban sociology.

His passion and ambition are to pursue social-political research in field of design and innovation, i.e. to combine his knowledge and experience in the fields of (speculative) design, technological development, future studies, social sciences and participation.

Emiel Rijshouwer will serve as a Session Moderator at WDCD2017.