Cyclus campaign by Arjowiggins and Antalis teams up with Childfund Alliance to provide families in Mali with solar lamps

Watch the video and bring light to a child in Mali

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This is an easy request from our Global Premium Partners Arjowiggins and Antalis: go to and watch the video. For every 25 video views Arjowiggins Graphic will fund a solar lamp for a child living in a village in Mali, giving them the means of doing their homework and fulfilling their educational ambitions. The aim is to provide 200 solar lamps by the end of the campaign, which runs to the end of June 2017.

As a business committed to creating a brighter future for all, Arjowiggins Graphic, the leading manufacturer of environmental paper solutions, supported by paper merchant Antalis, started a global collaboration with Childfund Alliance which will support education for children in Mali by providing ‘light to learn.’

Light to Learn

The aim of the campaign is to provide much-needed solar lamps to children living in villages without electricity so that they can do their homework in the dark as part of the charity’s global ‘Light to Learn’ challenge. At the same time the campaign also hopes to raise awareness of the environmental and ethical credentials of Arjowiggins’ 100% recycled paper range Cyclus.

The initiative is part of Arjowiggins’ ongoing commitment to funding the education of children in less privileged parts of the world. ‘Since 2012, Cyclus has partnered with charities to support the education of vulnerable children worldwide, and give them the tools to break out of poverty,’ says Angela De Vorchik, Operational Marketing Manager at Arjowiggins Graphic UK. ‘This year’s partnership with Bornefonden, a partner of ChildFund Alliance enables us and our customers to make a genuine difference to the lives of children in Mali. Cyclus is rich in environmental and ethical principles and so joining forces with ChildFund Alliance is a natural fit for the brand. This year we have implemented a purposefully engaging campaign approach to encourage our customers to view the videos and learn how something as simple as a solar lamp can revolutionise a child’s life.’

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Top image: Still from the video that supports the ‘Light to Learn’ campaign

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