All the reasons why you should join the WDCD Refugee Challenge in under a minute

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For the WDCD‬ Refugee‬ Challenge, we need all the creative brain-power we can get. Armed with innovative solutions, we can tackle the world’s greatest crisis: the plight of millions of refugees. With this new video, we’re upping the ante and reaching out to designers, creative thinkers & trouble-shooters everywhere to join the challenge.

So if you haven’t already, please submit your ideas through our challenge platform before 20 May 2016, and share this video with your network today. The five winning ideas will be announced on 1 July by Bert Koenders, the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, during the two-day conference of What Design Can Do in Amsterdam. The finalists then have until the end of 2016 to develop their idea, with help from experienced designers and funding of 10,000 euros.

Keep an eye on our youtube channel for more videos on the Challenge, like this one with IKEA’s Marcus Engman, and with Dutch Minister Jet Bussemaker.

Download the full WDCD Refugee Challenge brief including background information and research material from (our UNHCR platform) or (the WDCD Challenge homepage).

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