Social platforms show their value in refugee crisis

Volunteers compile phrasebook for refugees

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Refugee Phrasebook is a beautiful example of the true social benefits of social platforms. In a matter of days a group of volunteers in Berlin compiled a phrasebook with basic sentences translated in different languages to help incoming refugees.

Refugee Phrasebook is based on an idea developed with Nine Yamamoto-Masson and the Berlin group Refugee Help. The phrasebook is an open collaborative project to provide important vocabulary to refugees. It assembles important phrases from various fields and encourages designers and experts in the field to improve on the material. Local initiatives are welcome to adapt, print and distribute all contents of this page to support refugees in all regions. It currently contains vocabulary in 28 languages.

Copies of the phrasebook can be printed from Wikibooks. As the project is still under development, contributions are welcome. Once the translation is finished, the booklet will be designed, printed and distributed. The contents of the phrasebook are licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC-BY) and can be reused freely.

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