Beat the Hunger monsters and gain bowls of of rice to feed hungry kids

Beat Hunger and score, score, score!

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Want to feed the hungry? Play a game! In Hunger Crunch you and a “loyal beastie” fight a gang of monsters called Hunger who steal food. As you play you can earn collectibles and purchase candy coins that help you beat the Hunger monsters and provide meals for orphans around the world.

Hunger Crunch works as any fun game that can be played on desk tops, tablets and mobile phones, with several levels and things to win to gain strength. It looks cute and is designed in a funny and affective way.

The game is an initiative from Rice Bowls, a nonprofit organization working to feed orphaned children where the need is greatest. Rice bowls provides food for orphaned kids all over the world, from the Philippines to Rwanda and Nicaragua.

If you are not a gamer Rice Bowls offers other options to help hungry kids. Like ordering free moneyboxes in the form of a rice bowl for kids to collect money for donation, buy a t-shirt or just donate money. But in my opinion gaming is the most fun option to beat hunger in this case.

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