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In Barcelona’s new Design Museum we came across this project called Trash | Track by MIT Senseable City Lab, which is headed by former WDCD-speaker Carlo Ratti. The project, in which 3,000 pieces of trash were tagged and followed, is a tiny part of a spectacular exhibition called Metròpolis Barcelona. This exhibition shows the past, present and future of the Barcelona metropolitan area as part of the process of defining the new Metropolitan Urban Plan.

The idea behind Trash | Track was a vision of the future in which the invisible infrastructures of trash removal will become visible helping us to understand the ‘removal-chain’ as we do the ‘supply-chain’. Such knowledge would not only be useful to build more efficient and sustainable infrastructures but also to promote behavioral change. The idea is simple and the video still fascinating.

Exhibition Metròpolis Barcelona in Design Museum Barcelona

Exhibition Metròpolis Barcelona in Design Museum Barcelona

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