Tokyo is bigger than Australia

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Take a look at this map that re-sizes countries based on their population. It gives you a new perspective on the distribution of power and people in the world. The map is a fascinating update of one that was made ten years ago.

Maps seem to have huge interest from lots of people on the Internet. The American social news site Reddit even has a ‘Map Porn’ section where all kinds of bizarre and yet elucidating maps can be found, like this Blonde Hair Map.

Maps can be a powerful way to tell a story – at least the good ones. Every once in a while a noteworthy map pops up. Reddit-user TeaDranks updated and improved the World Population Cartogram made by Paul Brading in 2005 by applying a scale of 500.0000 people per grid square (before: 1 million per square) and trying to maintain countries’ shapes.

Some interesting details: look at the size of Nigeria on the African continent, or Mexico in comparison to North America. Compare Russia to China and India. And notice that Tokyo is bigger than Australia.

Cartogram by Paul Brading, 2005

Cartogram by Paul Brading, 2005

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