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Here’s a charming example of what a design agency can do for a better world. Edenspiekermann sent its relations season greetings with an activating message to help refugees. In the message 3,2 million refugees from Syria alone are compared to the amount of inhabitants of Berlin.

‘As an agency we are helping organizations to build audiences,’ the message on the agency’s website states. ‘We want to use the tools of our trade to raise attention to one of the most urgent cases: the millions of refugees. We believe that everyone of us has a responsibility to think about how our society should deal with refugees in need.’

The agency’s Berlin office therefore invited three small NGO’s with a fresh and innovative take on three essential parts of life: work, housing and mobility. The agencies employees were asked to contribute to these projects and Edenspiekermann doubled their contributions. In their season greeting they ask their relations to contribute too.

The three NGO’s are CUCULA, Flüchtlinge Willkommen and Faradgang. CUCULA is an association, a workshop and an educational program that helps refugees to develop furniture and objects, drawing on their own biographies. Flüchtlinge Willkommen seeks to house refugees in apartment-sharing communities and Faradgang is concerned with providing refugees with a bicycle.

Edenspiekermann indeed knows how to build an audience for these projects, and we are glad to be of any help. Merry Christmas.

Lampedusa chairs by CUCULA made with original wood elements from stranded refugee boats

Lampedusa chairs by CUCULA made with original wood elements from stranded refugee boats

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