Recycling debris into concrete Lego-blocks

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Recycling construction debris into stackable Lego-like building blocks using a mobile recycling plant that fits into a container. Engineer Gerard Steijn is currently seeking crowd funding for this simple and effective solution for disaster areas like Haiti.

Gerard Steijn worked at engineering firm DHV, where he took part in a study into sustainability in the construction industry in 2002. As a result, he became increasingly more aware of the usefulness of construction waste. Five years later he established The Mobile Factory with the vision of one day transporting mobile recycling plants to disaster struck areas, to turn construction debris into so-called Q-Bricks. These concrete building blocks need no cement or glue to make a building.

The system has been tested and prototyped and is ready for the real thing. Steijn now seeks € 85,000 through crowd funding to mount and transport one container to Haiti, where since the earthquake of 2010 still lays some 25 million tons of construction debris. One Mobile Factory can turn this debris into enough building blocks to construct 10 to 20 houses of 20m2 per day. The factory and the construction of the houses will generate jobs for the locals, thus stimulating the local economy as well.

With 34 days to go Steijn and his partners still need to find €58,000. You can make your pledge at

Construction of a prototype house using Q-Bricks

Construction of a prototype house using Q-Bricks

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