Project: Are We There Yet?
BY: VanBerlo
Country: The Netherlands
Solution: Digital Platform
Integration         Connection         Education
  & culture               to home              

It’s 7 pm. You are enjoying the comfort and warmth of your home. Suddenly, an alarm goes off. You must flee, so you and your family grab the four most important things around you passport, phone, some food & water and leave. This is where your journey and Are we there yet? begins. The analogue board game, supported by digital content on a smartphone or tablet, tells you the true stories of refugees. Facing the same hurdles, setbacks, disillusions and disappointments as refugees do on their journeys, players gain insight into the plight of millions of people on the move. Children play Are we there yet? in classrooms before taking it home to play with their family. The game spreads awareness and understanding.

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