14 Dec / 14:30 / AUDITÓRIO 2, PRÉDIO 3


Oferecida pelo WDCD & Consulado Geral Da Holanda em SP; com Jan Rothuizen, Rogier Klomp & David Kester

Tanto Jan Rothuizen quanto Rogier Klomp são exemplos de uma nova geração de jornalistas, que usam todas as mídias e ferramentas disponíveis para contar histórias que esclarecem o que está de fato acontecendo na sociedade. Com o moderador David Kester, eles irão explorar as possibilidades que os jornalistas-designers de hoje têm para nos ajudar a entender os grandes problemas que enfrentamos como sociedade.


Hosted by WDCD & General Netherlands Consulate in SP; with Jan Rothuizen, Rogier Klomp & David Kester

In our digitally super-connected and visually dominated world, journalism is inventing new roles that surpass the traditional news provision of mass media. When news travels faster than even most journalists can keep up with, there is a growing demand for interpretation and elucidation. We want to know and understand what really is going on underneath the endless stream of news items that passes by.

Both Jan Rothuizen and Rogier Klomp are examples of a new breed of journalists, who use all the media and tools available to tell stories that clarify what is actually happening in society. With moderator David Kester they will explore the possibilities today’s journalists have to help us understand the big issues we’re facing as a society. Specifically they will discuss the role design can play in this context.

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