Bas van Lier

Bas van Lier is editor in chief of all What Design Can Do publications. As a freelance journalist he has been writing on design for various trade magazines and publications like the Dutch Design Yearbook. He is also the author of a series of non-fiction books for children.

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Femke van Gemert

Femke van Gemert is co-initiator and editor of What Design Can Do, and a textile designer. In the past she worked as a designer and trend forecaster for several companies. She currently creates textile applications for interiors made of discarded textiles and is a teacher at several art  & design schools.

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Billy Nolan

Billy Nolan is an architect, an occasional writer and editor in the field of design, and a tutor at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. In the past he worked for the Netherlands Architecture Institute. He has contributed to What Design Can Do publications since the first event.

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Pepijn Zurburg

Pepijn is a co-founder of What Design Can Do and founding partner of design studio De Designpolitie.

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Natasha Berting

Natasha graduated in Graphic Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2015, and is now the online media editor at What Design Can Do.

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Kirstie Crail

Kirstie is What Design Can Do’s online communications and content manager. She is also a member of LATRA Innovation Lab’s publishing team, a contributor to Discover Design and has previously worked as a digital and graphic designer.


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