Trudy Dehue

Trudy Dehue (1951) Trudy Dehue is an emeritus professor of philosophy and psychology. She participaties in public debates about notions of individual freedom and social responsibility.. She gained a HBO (higher professional education) degree and worked in the field of child and youth psychiatry for some time until she went on to study Psychology and Philosophy at university. In 1990 she gained her PhD cum laude with a thesis on historical changes in the meaning of the concept of ‘science’. Her most recent, highly controversial publication is entitled De depressie-epidemie. Over de plicht het lot in eigen hand te nemen [The depression epidemic. On the duty to control your own destiny]. In this book, Dehue studies the changing meaning of the notion of ‘depression’ and its individual as well as social consequences. As a professor, Dehue has been leading a successful research group in the fields of science theory and science history on Psychology. Her research focused in particular on the ‘makeable psyche’, legal versus illegal drugs and how the distinction is made, the history and assumptions of research methods, and the changing meaning of concepts such as ‘research’, ‘objectivity’ and ‘evidence-based’.

Dehue is actively involved in the debate on psychiatric diagnosis. In her opinion, policy emphasizing the self-reliance of mental healthcare patients will backfire. Her most recent books are ‘on the duty to manage one’s destiny’ and  ‘on health as a choice and commodity’

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