Economists make us believe that prosperity can only be found in growth. But in the end more, and newer, and bigger will only lead us towards the apocalypse. To change things, we need to close the loop and reuse in smart ways what we already have. Designers have a large part in developing the circular and carbon free economy. The talks and sessions under this theme will show you the tools of circularity.


ACTIVATION SESSIONS: 4 – Closing the Loop, 7 – Check Your Hidden Impact11 – If Investors Would Care About Climate, 16: Adopting the Circular Design Guide, 17: Educating Gamechangers, 10 – Waterproof Futures
EXPERTS: Toby Heaps, Conny Bakker, Nancy Bocken, Babette Porcelijn, Marcus Engman, Tracy Metz, Daniëlle Arets

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