4: Closing the Loop


Enter into a circular design pressure cooker process that will inspire and confuse you at the same time. You will be creating a circular business model, product (re)design and service offer applying the CIRCO-approach for a product you are involved in.

The TU Delft ‘Products that Last’ framework, developed by WDCD Keynote speaker Conny Bakker et al, is transformed by CIRCO into a practical design process enabling designers to take the role as circular change agent and guide companies to develop a circular customer proposition. CIRCO has trained over 150 design professionals and supported over 100 companies in the past two years. They innovate and generate business now by closing loops. Now it’s your turn to create business through circular design and change our economy to one that has a positive impact on the climate.

The workshop is introduced by Ellen Schindler of KOSSMANN.DEJONG (exhibition architects) who participated in CIRCO and is now preparing the museum industry for circular concepts.

Format: Applying the CIRCO model
You will go through the whole CIRCO design process in just 1,5 hour. Using the design strategies and business models from the TU Delft “Products that last’ framework, applying the theory to your case, hearing about the CIRCO experience of the past 2 years and discuss interesting design topics. It will be hard work, inspiring and challenging your perception of business and design. So, fasten your seatbelts, get ready and be inspired by circular design and the power of closed loops.

You’ll get a concrete example of how a designer can operate as a change agent in driving an entire sector and individual companies to circular business and design. You’ll experience the CIRCO circular design methodology and apply that to a concrete product in cooperation with all participants.

Moderator: Pieter van Os, co-founder of CIRCO – ‘creating business through circular design’.

Guest: Ellen Schindler of KOSSMANN.DEJONG.

CLOSING THE LOOP is one of three BNO CIRCLE SESSIONS. With these sessions, BNO addresses the important role of the designer in working towards a sustainable and future proof world.

Theme: Economy
Economists make us believe that prosperity can only be found in growth. But in the end more, and newer, and bigger will only lead us towards the apocalypse. To change things, we need to close the loop and reuse in smart ways what we already have. Designers have a large part in developing the circular and carbon free economy. The activation sessions under this theme will show you the tools of circularity.

WHEN: MORNING SESSIONS (11:35 – 13:05)

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