24: Biomimicry: The Future of Packaging Design


Biomimicry and smart materials will have major impacts on the design of the future. In the future, packaging design, for example, is likely to perform functions that can only be imagined today. New and high-performance materials, that are conductive, lightweight and super-strong, will become the smart choice and will signal the dissolution of existing material choices. Nano-technology will facilitate new ways to protect food resulting in live packaging that degrades with consumption. It will also provide innovative ways for us to transport, store and reuse materials. With packaging design being one of VBAT’s disciplines, the Amsterdam based design agency feels the need to dig deeper into this topic. While exploring this topic during assembling this workshop, it became clear to VBAT that Biomimicry can cover a whole lot more than only packaging design. In this hands-on session about ‘Using Natures Wisdom for Design of the Future’, international design agency VBAT teams up with acclaimed Brazilian designer Fred Gelli who, for the last 15 years, has been a university professor in the fields of Ecodesign and Biomimicry.

For this interactive session, we have developed a high energy climate change based game in cooperation with students from the experience design course of Hyper Island. In this fast paced game participants will get an insight into the world of biomimicry in design by expert and designer Fred Gelli and explore the various possibilities of biomimicry. Goal: Making you look at design problems from a new angle and to start your next project with the simple question: How would nature solve this…
Throughout this challenge, Fred Gelli and VBAT designers will be present, giving advice and generally guiding the group in their idea generation process. At the end of the challenge each team will have pitched a finished idea with a fitting reasoning and explanation of selected features. The possible outcome being either disaster or solution.

While participants are introduced to best practices in design by VBAT, attendees will leave the event enriched with in-depth content and knowledge about Biomimicry, that adds to their professional competence. Also working in a team, under time pressure, will bring them closer to real agency life.

Moderator: Graham Sturt (Creative Director, VBAT), Stefan Pangratz (Design Director, VBAT),

Guests: Fred Gelli (Owner and Founder, Tatil), Team Cactus (Hyper Island).

Theme: Technology
The human inquisitiveness and endeavour have resulted in technological marvels as well as in monstrous threats. Climate change is one of them. Are we going to sit back and just witness technological evolution carving out its coercive path, or are we going to make an effort to compel a more beneficial interplay between technology and our planet? In this series of workshops philosophers, scientists, writers and designers will investigate the pro’s and cons of science and technology.


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