Paulistano rapper Rico Dalasam inaugurated queer rap scene in Brazil

Acceptance, gender issues and partying

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On day 2 of WDCD Live São Paulo, expect the extravagant raper Rico Dalasam to stir things up on stage. Black and gay and dressed in flamboyant outfits, Dalasam doesn’t answer the stereotypes inherent to the world of rap and when he takes the stage it is party time.

It is not a surprise that Dalasam’s first hit in Brazil was called Aceite-c (‘accept yourself’). His rhymes are about acceptance, gender issues and partying. Aceite-c made Rico famous even before releasing his first album. When Orgunga, a Portuguese acronym for Orgulho Negro Gay (Black Gay Pride), was released in June 2016, Dalasam had already been the headliner of the LGBT Parade in São Paulo.

His work has a great mix of references, which includes artists like Rick James, Racionais MCs Daniela Mercury and Mykki Blanco, and aesthetics inspired by a multitude of references captured from many Tumblr and Pinterest posts. It has caught the attention of hip clubs in São Paulo where Rico usually performs. With his powerful speech about acceptance and questioning what is considered normal, Rico inaugurated the queer rap scene in Brazil.


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