Director Bebel Abreu on the reasons why everyone should attend WDCD Live São Paulo

‘A conference that brings a chance for change and growth’

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These days are both ‘hectic and exciting’ says director of What Design Can Do São Paulo Bebel Abreu, who is counting the days until the second edition of this international conference on the impact of design.

A lot has changed in Brazil since the first edition of WDCD SP in 2015. Now there is even more reason to attend to WDCD SP, Abreu says. ‘Brazil is going trough a turbulent phase, with – even more than average – political scandals, and a long and dark economical crisis. Especially this last fact reminds me of the reason why WDCD was created: to be the creative’s answer on Europe’s difficult years after 2008. Along with difficulties, tough moments also bring interesting chances for change and growth. That is why people should come to the conference and exchange knowledge and experiences with people from all over the country and abroad.’

14 breakout sessions

In this context Abreu stresses the breakout sessions that make an important part of the programme. ‘The breakouts are a very unusual format in comparison to the conferences we usually have here in Brazil. In the afternoon we’ll have in total 14 sessions that discuss different topics, from the need for a disruptive mindset to biomimetics, from mobility to violence against women. The sessions offer the audience an opportunity to dive deeper into the themes and have a closer connection to the specialists we’ve invited.’

Book launches and a party

And there is more, Abreu tells: ‘In addition to the programme, we’ll have pieces of fashion designer Selly Raby Kane and books on offer from many speakers, including three launches:

On 13th Dec at 11h40 Marko Brajovic presents his book In Nature we trust and on 14th Dec at 17h30 Erik Kessels presents his brilliant book Failed it! published by Phaidon. And we’ll see the launch of I Love Trees, by my own company Bebel Books, made specially for WDCDSP.’

Both days offer ample occasions for people to meet each other, with happy hours and drinks on both days, as well as an after party – for which WDCD is famous too – on the 14th. Abreu: ‘Here you can meet with all the all speakers and guests. I can’t wait and I advise everyone to come.’

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