The Brazilian designer is the latest addition to the WDCD São Paulo programme

Fabio Lopez tackles serious issues, one pictogram at a time

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With less than 3 weeks to go before What Design Can Do! São Paulo kicks off, we happily announce a very special last addition to the programme. The Brazilian designer Fabio Lopez will take to our stage to speak about graphic design as a tool of cultural production and political discussion.

Far beyond the mere selling of a product or the prettifying of a brand, in Fabio’s hands graphic design is about questioning representations, provoking social discourse and celebrating cultural heritage. Projects such as ‘War in Rio’, ‘Bando Imobiliaro Carioca’ and Batalha na Vala, for example, show the power of parody in tackling heavy themes such as that of urban violence in Rio de Janeiro city.

Rio is also the basis of his latest project, mini Rio, an independent initiative the aim of which was to “to celebrate and visually present the cultural heritage of Rio.” An incredible 17 months later, the result is a striking collection of more than 200 pictograms and patterns which all unveil surprising stories from the metropolitan.

Fabio will be speaking at the end of Day 2 of WDCD São Paulo, some hours after the talk of Dutch designer Pepijn Zurburg, whose work on the visual column ‘Gorilla’, is similar in it’s social and political approach. Both designers are also masters at delivering impact with a dose of humour; or in other words, having serious fun.

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Mini Rio: Armamento pesado / Heavy weapons and Vida nos trópicos / Tropical life

Mini Rio: Armamento pesado / Heavy weapons and Vida nos trópicos / Tropical life

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