Mexican machine builder volunarily travels to the Netherlands to help out Dave Hakkens

Mexican help for Precious Plastic

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If anyone’s heart is in the right place, it is Alejandro Luna’s. Luna is a young machine builder from Mexico. A while ago he sent this video in response to a call from Dutch designer Dave Hakkens, who was in search of a machine builder for his Precious Plastic project.

Hakkens was touched by Luna’s video, even more so because Luna wasn’t used to making them. But since he knew how much Hakkens loves them, he made one anyway. For practical reasons Hakkens chose an old-school quality machine builder from the Netherlands.

“Unfortunately I didn’t have budget for two and had to turn Alex down,” Hakkens writes on his blog. “That didn’t stop him though. He still wanted to come over and help us out. I’m absolutely amazed by this, a guy from the other side of the world, wanting to voluntarily help to push the project forward, and actually doing it. So he got himself a ticket, packed his backs and said goodbye to Tortillas.”

That’s the spirit

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