Design Digest 2

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With a next batch of good reads for the weekend we wish all our readers a Happy Easter.

Interview with Tom Hulme, design director at IDEO in LondonDesignboom
A talk with IDEO’s design director in London on ‘business design’, i.e. designing all parts of clients’ business models, and on openIDEO, the platform where a community of over 50,000 collaborates to solve problems for social good. A current project is to design solutions to help improve women’s security in slums.

How to Visualize Poetry – And How Not to Design Observer
‘The poems (or whatever they are) in The Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry 1998-2008, don’t make up poems with visual means but make the means of poetry visual in what the poets (artists?) clearly think are unordinary, visceral ways,’ Adam Plunkett writes on Design Observer. His article comes with a lot of beautiful examples.

The Last Vispo
Connected to the book The Last Vispo Anthology there is this great website intended ‘to document the recent upsurge in visual poetry, to make visual poetry available to a wider audience, and to be used as a pedagogical tool in poetry and art curriculum at the secondary and post-secondary level.’

Cloud CommutingDesign Observer
John Thackera reports on a first project by Design Platform Vlaanderen focussing on potential connections between people, vehicles, places and services that – as a single ecosystem – generates new mobility solutions dynamically, and continuously.

Work begins on the world’s first 3D-printed house The Guardian
DUS Architects in Amsterdam started printing the first house to be printed entirely by a huge 3D-printer, called the KamerMaker or Room Builder. 400 years after the famous canal houses of Amsterdam were built, this new 3D-printed canal house will begin a new era in the history of Amsterdam. The project got lot’s of international attention and was presented to American president Obama when he visited the Rijksmuseum earlier this year.

35.000 Phones in Second BatchFairphone
Fairphone will start taking orders for the second bath of Fairphones in the middle of May, together with the launch of a new website. Fairphone, brainchild of WDCD13 speaker Bas van Abel, is the first conflict free, fair, and future-ready smartphone, meant as an example to change the phone industry.

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